About us

Redibis Film is an Italian production company based in Turin (Piedmont). Since 2012, we produce films and commercials, and offer line production services. We follow each step of our projects with passion, competence and care.


Our name comes from two sources:

  • the Latin phrase ibis redibis non morieris in bello (“you will go you will return never you will die in war”), traditional response of the Cumaean Sybil to the soldier consulting the oracle about his fate in a battle. The meaning is ambiguous: if you pause before the non (ibis, redibis, non morieris in bello) it’s positive (“you will go, you will return, never you will die in war”); if you pause after the non (ibis, redibis non, morieris in bello) it’s negative (“you will go, you will return never, you will die in war”). No matter the fate of the soldier, the Sybil has told the truth;
  • the English red ibis, the river bird sacred to the Egyptians. Thot, god of wisdom, magic, mathematics, and writing, was represented with an ibis head. This is also a tribute to our city, Turin, which hosts the most important Egyptian museum of the world, after the one in Cairo.

Daniele De Cicco


Daniele Segre


Laura Anania

production assistant

Greta Nordio

senior project manager

Alessia Fontana

social media manager