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Bruno is a recognized master of a form of anachronistic and almost extinct deception: the game of the three bells. He is the fake passerby who convinces each victim to withdraw more money from the ATM, to feed the survival of the company of crooks. But alas, one does feel the weight of the years now.

The Last Round
Short film (2014, b/w, 17’)

Story and Screenplay Giuseppe Sansonna

Director Giuseppe Sansonna

Cast Giorgio Colangeli (IMDb)

DoP Gughi Fassino

Production manager Federico Fusco

Assistant director Elide Albertinotti

Production and costume designer Elisabetta Ajani

Makeup Margherita Calemma

Editors Enrico Falcone, Piero Persello

Sound designer Pasquale Mollo

Music Sergio Caputo, Pasquale Mollo, Valerio Camporini F.

Distribution I Film Good


Selected at 32nd Torino Film Festival