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Let’s try to stay a moment in apnea.
What happens to the world when we stop breathing? When we are afraid, when we lose contact with ourselves? It happens that the world, no matter how ill, keep healing us, he notices every single creature and make us reborn. Heal the wounds of our origins, with a universal sound, hidden miles away, and with the sounds vibrations is close to each one of us, enough to reach our soul.
An human resonance. That, to look at it well, is the pentagram of an universal DNA.

The Song of Breathing
Documentary (Switzerland, Italy)

Screenplay Simona Canonica, Rico Andriolo, Daniela Persico

Director Simona Canonica

State In Production


A co-production Amka Films Productions, Redibis Films


With the support of MiC – Minority Coproduction Fund, Trentino Film Fund, Piemonte Doc Film Fund