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Caterina is a 45-year-old Italian woman who has been without a job for months and cannot find another one. She accepts to work as a carer for Gheorghe, an elderly lively Romanian stuck to a wheelchair. This experience will change her life.

Dreaming Apecar
Short film (2012, col., 16’)

Story and Screenplay Chiara Nicola, Glenda Manzi

Director Dario Samuele Leone

Cast Lorenza Indovina, Mircea Andreescu

DoP Alessandro Dominici

Production manager Federico Fusco

Assistant director Alessandro Capitani

Production designer Francesca Bocca

Costume designer Carola Fenocchio

Makeup Federica Duò

Hairstyling Cornelio Olenici Reut

Editor Stefano Cravero

Sound designer Vito Martinelli

Music Giorgio Giampà

Casting Luana Velliscig, Tatjana Callegari

In collaboration with Elefant Films (RO)

International sales Gonella Productions

Shortlisted at Nastri d’Argento 2014