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Close to My Skin tells the human relationship that Mario and Federico have built together, notwithstanding the disparity of their respective positions. Mario is the pedagogue of Federico, a boy who suffers an autistic condition.

They decide together to make a journey to Berlin. It is a way to say goodbye to each other, as their educational relationship is about to end, because Federico is turning 18. For the very first time, they have the opportunity to live some days by themselves. They have been meeting regularly over the last 5 years, every Wednesday afternoon. From his first encounter with Federico, who was at the time very introverted and solitary, through the progressive openness of the boy, Mario has gradually become a sort of filter between Federico and the rest of the world. Up to being the closest thing to his skin that Federico can stand. 


Close to My Skin
Documentary (2015, col., 63′)

Story Sergio Fergnachino

Director Sergio Fergnachino

Cast Federico Valente, Mario Cappennani Cristina

Music Federico Valente, Roberto Agagliate