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Stella, 17-year-old, lives with her younger sisters, Luce and Aria, in a house with barred windows where time seems to have stopped. Every evening her father comes back home, removes his gas mask and survival suit, and updates his daughters with stories of an Apocalypse in progress, which keeps decimating humanity. One night, the man does not return home; Stella decides to get out of the house to look for food.

Feature film (2019, col., 90′)

Production Courier Film (Rome)

Line production Redibis Film

Location Turin

Story and Screenplay Emanuela Rossi,
Claudio Corbucci

Director Emanuela Rossi

Cast Denise Tantucci, Valerio Binasco, Gaia Bocci, Olimpia Tosatto, Elettra Mallaby, Francesco Genovese

DoP Marco Graziaplena

Production manager Emanuela Minoli

Assistant director Francesca Boselli

Production designer Massimo Santomarco

Costume designer Carola Fenocchio

Makeup and hairstyling Anna Filosa

Editor Letizia Caudullo

Sound designer Paolo Amici

Music Corrado Carosio, Pierangelo Fornaro

Casting Luana Velliscig

With the support of Piemonte Film Tv Fund

International sales Intramovies